Honda Auto Plants celebrate Production Milestones

December 11th, 2014 by

In case you haven’t heard, our favorite automaker here at White Plains Honda has been selling cars like you wouldn’t believe this year. With demand for these award-winners increasing by the month, it only makes sense that the supply would follow suit.

So when our friends across the country started racking up the milestones this month, we can’t say we were all that surprised.

First, there was the news from the Honda East Liberty Auto Plant in Ohio. On December 2, the plant and its 2,400 employees announced that they had rolled their one-millionth Honda CR-V down the line after just seven years of producing the SUV.

Then, our focus was shifted on down to Honda Manufacturing of Alabama’s (HMA) auto plant in Lincoln. After opening their doors some 12 years ago, HMA were elated to report that they had finally produced their three-millionth vehicle: a 2014 Honda Pilot. Needless to say, it was a team effort that got them there.

“The commitment and dedication of our 4,000 associates has allowed HMA to achieve this production milestone and fulfill our commitment to more than 3 million Honda customers across the globe,”1 says Tom Shoupe, President of HMA.

With that said, feel free to see what all the fuss is about with a test drive at our dealership here in White Plains, NY, just down the way from Yonkers. Because if things keep going like they’re going, records like these are bound to keep breaking.

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