Honda Civic Puts on the Ritz in Paris

October 6th, 2014 by

October is here, which brings the beginning of a very exciting season in the automotive industry, as the models for the next projected year are beginning to surface. The latest new concept from the Hondabooth is a souped-up model of the European version of the American favorite, the Honda Civic. Of course, with a turbocharged engine and wings, it is a little different from your run of the mill sedan.

The first forced  injection engine from the brand, the Honda Civic Type-R Concept is built to go further than a sedan has gone in the past. While the 2015 Civic has a button to switch between conventional driving and more fuel efficient driving, the Type-R Concept has a “+R” button to put it into thrill mode, which tightens the steering, firms up the suspension, and kicks the engine into top performance.

For a test drive of the tame Civic available now, come into our White Plains, NY dealership today.

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