Honda Closes in on the Skies with Jet Project

June 19th, 2013 by

You can often find us reviewing the technological prowess of our preferred Japanese brand by discussing their vehicles, like the Honda Ridgeline. These models are available in our White Plains, NY showroom and, understandably, the focus of our attention. But the Big H is more than an automaker; actually, they’re largely in the aviation game as well.

In fact, last year they announced their intent to design and manufacture a small commercial plane for personal and professional purposes. Over the last several months, the cleverly named the HondaJet has undergone a series of tests to monitor its efficiency, performance and reliability (sounds familiar). Now, after upwards of 3,000 evaluations, the Japanese brand is bringing the model to production.

With a release date set for next year, the technicians behind the development of the HondaJet are collaborating to streamline the workflow process; largely helped by handheld tablets. For example, the devices are delivering instructions to employees on the assembly floor and cueing deliveries of parts, when necessary.

As for the HondaJet, the Japanese brand is sharing that the aircraft will include their advanced Over-The-Wing Engine Mount to increase efficiency and performance by reducing drag. The plane will also feature a comfortable and spacious cabin that features dual touch-screen monitors and 14-inch displays.

Again, those attributes (comfort and technology) sound familiar to us, as their available across the new Honda lineup.

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