Honda is Impressive in the Skies, Too

May 28th, 2014 by

At our new Honda dealership in White Plains, NY, we can frequently be heard touting the merits of the models in our showroom. Suffice it to say; that’s not unusual, but today we’re really going to get off the ground.

More specifically, we’d like to introduce you to the HondaJet. Designed by the Honda Aircraft Company, the general aviation plane introduces an over-the-wing engine mount to the off-ground market. For those who don’t know, this technology (which is being promoted in the ad below) allows the HondaJet increased fuel economy and a cabin that’s more spacious and quieter too.

Returning our attention to the vehicles that are here in our showroom, if you’d like to arrange a test drive in the fuel-efficient Honda that’s caught your eye, then we welcome you to visit us, anytime. During your stopover we’re happy to detail specs and discuss the competitive car loans that are available.

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