Man Retires his thirty year old Honda Civic

September 20th, 2012 by

The year Harry Ettling’s Honda Civic rolled off the assembly line, Ronald Reagan had just started his first term of office and Anne Hathaway was still in diapers. From 1982 until the present, Ettling’s Honda has served him faithfully. Now, after 30 years of dependability, it is finally being put to rest.

We here at White Plains Honda, located at 344 Central Ave. White Plains, NY 10606, have long been aware of the incredible durability that the new Honda lineup offers, but even we were shocked when we learned all that this little Honda hatchback has endured over the past three decades.

Not long after its purchase, Harry Ettling nicknamed his Honda Civic “Bluey” because of its blue exterior. Over the years, Bluey’s paintjob faded, but not the admiration of its owner. Ettling was so attached to Bluey that he actually performed a funeral service when it was sent to the junk yard. Friends and neighbors were also fond of Bluey. They even held a parade in Bluey’s honor! After all, it isn’t just any car that can boast surviving three different accidents, being flipped by rioters in 1992, and traveling over 170,000 city miles!

Putting Bluey to rest was an emotional experience for Ettling. When asked if he planned on investing in a new 2013 Honda Civic, he sadly shook his head no. He said he needs time to heal after the loss of Bluey. However, when the grieving is passed, I have no doubt that there will be another Honda that will drive away with Harry’s heart.

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