New Honda Mini-Car Concept Connects to Your Tablet

November 6th, 2012 by

The United States might not be ready for a pint-sized mini-electric mobile. But that’s not stopping Honda from making one. Allow White Plains Honda to introduce the highly-inventive new Micro Commuter Concept.

As you might guess, the small vehicle is about to test as a prototype in Japan where it will likely become a production reality. Though our market might not see the Micro Commuter anytime soon, our new Honda vehicle experts are extremely intrigued by what the undersized auto has to offer.

For starters, drivers will slip inside the mini machine to find not a traditional display, but your very own tablet computer. Housed in its own dock directly in front of the wheel, the tablet shows audio, navigation, dashboard readings, and rearview camera images. What’s more, the device can be charged through solar panels built into the electric vehicle’s roof.

Designed to fit one driver and perhaps a kid or two, the Honda Micro Commuter is a mere 1.4-meters tall, 2.5-meters long, and 1.25-meters wide. Packed underneath the floor rests a lithium-ion battery, while a 15-kW electric motor sits at the rear wheels. Interestingly enough, the underpinnings are hidden out of the way so that designers can customize the vehicle’s body panels to consumer liking.

To learn more about the Honda Micro Commuter as well as other unique automotive developments, be sure to swing by 344 Central Ave. White Plains, NY 10606 and talk to your local brand experts at any point in time.

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