My brakes have started to squeal when I apply the brakes, could there be a problem?

Yes and No. Some brake noise is normal especially if you drive in demanding conditions such as traffic congestion and/or dusty/sandy conditions. Even humidity can cause brake noise. These conditions promote surface hardening which is the hardening of the brake pad/shoe surface. If you are noticing any difference in the way your brakes are stopping or slowing your vehicle, or if you are hearing squealing noise upon brake application, have your brakes checked by a certified safety expert at your dealership.

How often do I need to check my brake fluid?

Brake fluid is often overlooked in the braking system of vehicles. Brake fluid is formulated to moisture absorption, control rubber expansion and corrosion, and acts as a lubricant. Check the levels of your brake fluid occasionally and refill when necessary.

Recently when I press the brake pedal it seems to go closer to the floor until my vehicle slows down. What causes this?

This is a sign you need immediate break repair. Air in the brake lines will cause your pedal to go all the way to the floor without slowing the car. This happens when the master cylinder has been allowed to be drained of brake fluid and refilled without bleeding the brakes. This can happen during brake wear, or it can happen during break repair. This repair should never be delayed.