USAA Names Three Honda Autos as Top Picks for Teens

July 25th, 2012 by

We at White Plains Honda would like you to take a trip down memory lane with us. Think back to the time when you first earned your driver’s license and the open road was finally yours for the taking…No better feeling, right? For most drivers, that first taste of freedom is sweeter than anything in the world. But chances are that just as you were leaping with the joy at the prospect of owning your own auto, your parents were groaning in fear.

There’s no way around it. Handing over keys to a young, new driver can be downright terrifying. We get that. Thankfully, so does Honda. In order to calm the nerves of moms and dads everywhere, the automaker promises that each new Honda vehicle that rolls off the production line is created with optimum safety and reliability in mind. And we believe Honda always, always fulfills its promises.

Proving our belief to be true, the USAA (Unites Services Automobile Association), recently named not one, not two, but three Honda vehicles to its “Top Ten for Teens” list. Based on their ability to provide young drivers with the reliability, safety, and affordable auto insurance that they need, the following models placed on the list:

Honda Fit
Honda Civic
Honda CR-Z

To learn exactly why each of these autos are prime choices for young drivers, we invite you to stop by 344 Central Ave, White Plains, NY at any point in time.

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