All-New 2015 Honda Fit Does It All

June 26th, 2014 by

We’ve seen the video and have just one question: Is there anything the 2015 Honda Fit can’t accomplish? Well, the Fit can’t fly. It can’t see the future. It can’t walk your dog. OK, there are a few things it can’t do. But, you won’t find a more versatile and fun-to-drive hatchback than the all-new Fit.

The fun-loving Fit is a fantastic #fitforyou thanks to its excellent driving dynamics and extremely versatile cabin. The Fit is comfortable cutting corners or hitting the open road. Upgrade to its optional CVT for better performance and efficiency.

The Fit’s interior has been designed for maximum flexibility as it offers a number of seating arrangements that allow you configure the cabin to your needs. Additionally, the Fit comes equipped with a range of standard features like Bluetooth that let you stay in touch. To see all that the Fit can do, please visit White Plains Honda at our White Plains, NY location for a test drive.