Honda dealership first to achieve ‘Electric Grid Neutral’ status

January 24th, 2014 by

Being that we’re right down the road from the Bronx and all, it’s only natural that we’d have a rivalry of sorts with our friends across the Hudson here at White Plains Honda. What can we say, it’s in our nature. Then again, we’re not the type to deny one credit where credit is due. Because now that one eco-friendly Honda dealership in Jersey is leading the way towards making our industry that much greener, a tip of the hat is most certainly in order.

Just this week, Rossi Honda in Vineland, NJ was the first automobile dealership in the US to achieve “Electric Grid Neutral” status. In other words, out of some 17,500 dealerships in the US, Rossi Honda is the first to produce as much or more energy as it consumed over the course of a given year.

As for how they did it, it all started in 2012 when they installed a 223kW solar PV system that generated 90% of their total electricity consumption through solar power. From there, they reduced their energy consumption by another 22% in 2013 by swapping out their metal halide lamps with LED lamps.

Needless to say, if it’s that easy to do, it won’t be long before everyone else starts following suit.

“We want to demonstrate that even automobile dealers, which are big energy consumers, can take a leadership role in being environmentally responsible business, and save money at the same time,” says Ron Rossi, owner of Rossi Honda. “We encourage all dealers to join us in this effort.”1

Will do, Rossi Honda. Until then, feel free to see how you can do your part with a test drive in the 2014 Honda Fit EV at our dealership here in White Plains, NY. Can’t let the Garden State hog all the glory now, can we?

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