Honda Launches Project Drive-In

August 22nd, 2013 by

We all have similar, fond memories of these times. It’s a warm night and you’re relaxing in your beloved used Honda. Instead of cruising down the road open road, which is one of your favorite pastimes, tonight your car is parked and you’re watching a blockbuster at the drive-in movie theater.

Add some hotdogs and it’s a quintessential summer evening for folks across the United States.

However, that could be changing. As you may know, many of these iconic theaters are closing nationwide due to outdated drive-in projector technology. The screens, which can cost up to $75,000 per to replace, are proving too expensive for many operations to afford.

And that’s where Honda steps in to help.

Deeply engrossed in philanthropic activities, the Japanese automaker’s most recent, bighearted campaign is known as Project Drive-In. Implemented to save at least five of these outdoor movie theaters with donations of digital projectors, Honda is, once again, reconfirming their commitment to automotive culture.

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