How can I tell if my battery is fresh?

Look for a small decal on the side of the battery container. The letter corresponds with the month, starting with “A” for January, “B” for February, and so on. The number represents the year with “9” standing for 1999, “0” standing for 2000 and so on. Example: A9 would be January 1999, CO would be March 2000.

What should I consider when purchasing a battery?

Size: What are the dimensions of your original battery?

Power: What are the Cold Cranking Amps required to power your vehicle?

Warranty: Automotive batteries are backed by a warranty package. Choose what is right for your vehicle’s needs. The best bet is to check with your service advisor at the dealership where you purchased your car.

My car won’t start. How do I know if it is my battery?

Here are some questions that will help you decide if it is your battery:

  • Are your terminals or battery clamp corroded? If so, your battery won’t charge properly
  • Is there a loose ground wire giving you an intermittent connection?
  • Do you have a cross-threaded bolt on your side terminal? That could cause a loose connection.
  • Is there a loose or worn belt? That can make your battery work too hard.
  • Is your voltage regulator functioning? If not, your battery could overcharge or undercharge. You should also check your battery for related problems.
  • Is your battery installed correctly? An improper hold-down or a lack of hold-down can cause excessive vibration and internal damage to the battery.
  • Do you have the right battery size? If your battery is too small for your vehicle, it may not function correctly.

If you still have questions about your battery, bring your vehicle to Paragon Acura to have one of our trained technicians conduct a thorough diagnostic test.