Speculation Time: Will Honda Build an Accord Convertible?

November 28th, 2012 by

Here at White Plains Honda, we love the upcoming 2013 Honda Accord. Don’t Think the new Accord will have a model for you? Try driving a coupe or sedan at your greater White Plains area dealer as see for yourself.As always, Honda strives to accommodate every driver. The only question left to ask now; will Honda ever produce a convertible model?

At first blush, the Honda Accord coupe looks as if it would be a perfect convertible. Simply substitute the roof with a hard or soft top, right? The styling of the Accord Coupe could easily maintain it’s sport appeal while offering drivers the fun of the convertible.But is a Honda convertible on the horizon? The truth is, no one knows for sure. When asked, Honda will only say that there are currently no Accord convertible prototypes in the works.

Don’t confuse that however, as a concrete “no” since Honda has been known to experiment with other Accord prototypes in the past. Remember, in the early 90’s Honda released hatchback and wagon versions of the Accord. And more recently, the Honda Crosstour was originally launched as a reinvention of the Accord as well.

In other words, the question of whether Honda will develop a convertible still looms unanswered. Despite the uncertainty, we are still rooting for a Honda convertible. Rest assured, you can count on White Plains Honda, located at 344 Central Ave. White Plains, NY 10606, to post any update from Honda to this blog.

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